Exhibitors Terms and Conditions


Eaton Foreshore Festival 2018


8:30 am – 2.00 pm, Sunday 11th March 2018


General Information

Eaton Foreshore Festival is a completely volunteer run festival. We ask that you show our volunteers the respect that you would expect. 

  • All stall holders, food vendors and exhibitors are required to have their stall/display/exhibit erected and vehicle removed and parked in the designated parking area by 8:00 am Sunday 11th March, 2018. NO ADMITTANCE TO THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS WILL BE PERMITTED AFTER 8 AM.
  • Stalls must NOT be dismantled or removed prior to 2.00 pm. There will be vehicle access inside the festival grounds again from 2.00 pm.
  • Festival open hours are from 8:30 am to 2.00 pm on Sunday 11th March, 2018. Stall holders, food vendors and exhibitors are expected to operate for the duration of these hours and have adequate supplies.
  • Due to safety issues NO vehicles other than emergency/service vehicles will be allowed into the Festival grounds whilst the Eaton Foreshore Festival is open to the public.
  • No public address systems or amplified sound systems are to be used other than those authorized by the Eaton Foreshore Festival Committee.
  • No dogs will be permitted at the Eaton Foreshore Festival unless authorized by the EFF Committee.
  • Stall holders, food vendors and exhibitors are responsible for the erection and dismantling of their stalls/displays/exhibits and the provision of all materials used therein.
  • If an EFF Committee Member deems the sale or display of any item to be inappropriate the EFF Committee Member reserves the right to order such sale or display to cease. The Applicant shall abide by such orders immediately.
  • Please cooperate to keep our grounds neat and tidy by using bins provided for all rubbish.



  • It is essential that stallholders accurately assess the amount of space they require in their event application. The area booked must include the total length and width of your vehicle or marquee (when fully erected) AND any additional apparatus required eg: tow bars, guide ropes, other display items etc. No additional space will be available at the event. Stallholders found to be using more than the approved area will be asked to remove part of, or their entire stall to comply.
  • No vehicles are to remain on the festival grounds UNLESS the vehicle is a part of your stall.
  • Tables, chairs, marquees etc. are to be provided by the market stallholder.
  • Stallholders must confine their displays to the stall site and all items must be stable and firmly secured to avoid possible risk or injury.
  • All marquees/gazebos must be well secured in case of wind gusts. Any marquees/gazebos set up on bitumen areas must be secured with sand bags.
  • There are committee members walking around supervising throughout the day and are more than happy to man your stall for toilet breaks if required, please let us know on your application if you may require this service.
  • Stall fees will not be refunded due to inclement weather, or factors beyond the control of the Eaton Foreshore Festival Committee.


First Aid

  • There will be a first aid post located in the EFF Committee Marquee.




Stall Type Size Site Cost (inc. GST)
Market Stalls 3 m x 3 m $65.00
4 m (frontage) $70.00
5 m (frontage) $75.00
6 m (frontage) $80.00
7 m (frontage) $95.00
8 m   (frontage) $105.00
9 m (frontage) $125.00
10 m (frontage) $155.00
Food Vendor State Size on Form Agreed Price on Application
Showbag State Size on Form Agreed Price on Application
Static/Educational Display 3 m x 3 m Free


Please Note:

  • Static Display means No Goods for Sale, Information Only.
  • All stalls are 3 m in depth unless requested. Please note below in comments.



  • If you will be supplying any portable power generating systems please include this on your application for approval by the EFF Committee Members.
  • All power supplied by vendors must comply with Australian Safety Standards including all electrical leads being tested and tagged.
  • No additional electrical cords or power will be available at the event.



  • Access to water is not available at the Eaton Foreshore Festival. Stall holders/food vendors requiring water will need to be able to supply their own. If you have any concerns please contact the EFF Committee.


Sale of Drinks:

  • The sale of soft drinks, fruit juices and water is not permitted at the Eaton Foreshore Festival due to this being the main fundraising stall for the Eaton Primary School. We ask that you please respect this request and refrain from selling any of these items.


Risk & Safety:

  • The stallholder must take full responsibility at ALL TIMES for their market stall/allocated area and will be responsible for any damage to the site/water pipes, electricity cables etc, running through their sites.
  • The Eaton Foreshore Festival Committee and the Shire Dardanup takes no responsibility for your stall.
  • The Applicant is responsible for their own Product and Public Liability Insurance. A copy of a current Public Liability Insurance Policy or Certificate of Currency for the stallholders MUST be attached to the application form. The insurance must be valid for the duration of the Festival.
  • Exhibitors are reminded that they must take all reasonable measures to ensure safety of all show attendees at all times. Safety concerns identified by the Festival Committee must be addressed immediately or the exhibitor will be requested to leave the grounds. Items such as cap guns or toys with firing ability, devices of a flammable, explosive or laser beam producing nature or any prohibited implements are NOT to be sold at the Eaton Foreshore Festival. If you require a full detailed list of prohibited items please contact the Bay Coordinator and you will be provided one.


 To complete the stall holders application, click here.